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Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist) is Bruce Lee's own personal and philosophical approach to combat. It emphasizes concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics that allow you to end the fight as quickly as possible. It is based on the concepts of simplicity, directness and efficiency. To defeat your enemy without fighting is considered the highest achievement in JKD. However, if a fight is unavoidable, our goal is to terminate the attack and escape. That is what JKD was designed for " to get in, get out, and get to safety unharmed".

JKD is composed of Jun Fan Gung Fu (Original JKD) and Jeet Kune Do Concepts. Jun Fan Gung Fu is the core of JKD and has a standardized system of techniques, drills, and exercises. There are five areas of training in Jun Fan:
1. Jun Fan Wing Chun
2. Jun Fan Western Boxing
3. Jun Fan Gung Fu
4. Jun Fan Kickboxing
5. Jun Fan Chin Na (Chinese Grappling and Locking)

Jun Fan Wing Chun: Lee's adaptation of Classical Wing Chun
1. Close range fighting
2. Jik Chung Chuie (Straight Blast)
3. Wing Chun Trapping
4. Classical and Modern JKD Wooden Dummy Forms
5. Chi Sao
6. Sil Lum Tao

Jun Fan Western Boxing: Lee's adaptation of Modern Western Boxing
1. Medium range fighting
2. Boxing offense variations of the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and overhand used in combinations
3. Boxing defense catches/parries, covers, slips, bobs, weaves, ducks, and rolls
4. Evasive footwork - fast, light and shifty footwork
5. Tremendous hand speed and knockout power
6. Conditioning program using jump ropes, focus mitts, heavy bag, shadowboxing and sparring
Jun Fan Gung Fu: Lee's adaptation of Classical Chinese arts and styles
1. Long to close range fighting
2. Tai Chi (Wu-style)
3. Northern and Southern Shaolin
4. Northern and Southern Praying Mantis
5. Hung Gar
6. Choy Li Fut

Jun Fan Kickboxing: Lee's adaptation of various kickboxing arts
1. Long to close range fighting
2. Savate
3. Muay Thai/Thai Boxing
4. Sikaran/Pananjakman
5. American Kickboxing
6. Lee's unique way of kicking

Jun Fan Chin Na (Chinese grappling):
1. Wrestling
2. Throwing
3. Takedowns
4. Sweeps
5. Joint locking
6. Chokes and strangles

Jeet Kune Do Concepts has to do the entire spectrum of concepts, principles, strategies, techniques, and systems that have been added to JKD by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto. This is the modern evolution of Lee's art:
1. Jun Fan Gung Fu (Original JKD)
2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
3 . Dumog
4. Filipino Kali Escrima - Arnis
5. Judo and Jujitsu
6. Panantukan (Filipino Boxing)
7. Pencak Silat
8. Shooto/Shoot Wrestling
9. Western Wrestling

Class Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 11am
See schedule.

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